Frey-Day Wrap-up for 9/8/17

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Welcome to another Frey-Day Wrap-Up!

It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks for us. Thank you so much for following along and taking the time to read what we have to say each week! So what's been happening in the Frey household?


Last week, Melissa was able to take some (well earned and well deserved) time off from work and we were able to spend a few days in one of our absolute favorite places: Traverse City, Michigan. Traverse City was one of the first places we vacationed together as a married couple and we've loved it ever since! Sitting right on Traverse Bay in northern Michigan, Traverse City is filled with wonderful restaurants, shops, bookstores, and of course, coffee shops! Some of our favorite places are Brew, Morsels, and especially the new mini-donut shop, Peace, Love & Little Donuts. It was so nice and relaxing to be near the water. In fact, one of our favorite coffee roasters is located in Traverse City - Higher Grounds Coffee. They offer a variety of organic, fair trade, ethically sourced coffees roasted right there on site. Of course, we had to pick up a few bags to bring home. We definitely recommend reading their story and giving Higher Grounds Coffee a try! 

Higher Grounds Coffee


We just entered the second week of our September Whole30.  It's going really well! We have 22 people who have joined us. We're already starting to feel better and noticing results! The hardest part is all the meal prep (and the dishes!!?) but it's totally worth it! If you've never heard about Whole30 or would like more information, please comment below or shoot us an email at You can also find us on Facebook and send us a message.


Along with our Whole30, we've decided we need to start taking all aspects of our health more seriously. So we finally broke down and purchased a couple activity trackers. It seems like everyone is wearing them these days! After some research, Andrew went with the Fitbit Charge 2 and Melissa ordered the Bellabeat Leaf Nature. And bonus, they were both on sale!! So far we're pretty happy with them. We'll keep you posted and possibly write some reviews in the coming weeks.

That's it for now from us. How has your week been? Do anything fun over Labor Day? Be sure to let us know of any cool products, TV shows, or whatever else you think we might be interested in. Until next Frey-Day! Have a great weekend!


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