Frey-Day Wrap-up for 7/28/17

FreyDay Wrap - FreyWellness TGIF

It's Friday Y'all!

How has your week been? We hope it hasn't been too stressful and busy. Be sure to get some rest this weekend and find some "YOU" time!

So what's been going on with us? Here are a few highlights: 


We've had the opportunity to attend church with my sister and her family for the last several weeks. It's been great to see family each week and hang out with these guys!!


If you live in the Flint, MI area, be sure to check out Wears Like New at their new location in the Genesee Valley Center, starting August 1st. Melissa stopped in last week and picked up several things during their 50% moving sale. It's a great consignment shop and you should definitely check them out!


As we've talked about before, you know we love our Aldi! They recently opened up a new location in Lapeer, MI, which is not too far from us. It's larger, nicer, and has an even better selection! Take a look at our Aldi haul from earlier this week. If you haven't shopped at Aldi before, we would definitely encourage you to give it a try!


Andrew decided to rekindle an old hobby and picked up some art supplies this past week. He used to be pretty good at it and recently wrote about it on his blog


Melissa found an adorable picture to put up at the house - and it was on clearance! This one is very similar to the one she found at our local Meijer. The quote is one of our favorites: "Not all who wander are lost." A mantra that sums up our lives.

So what's new in your life? Do you have any exciting weekend plans? We would love to hear about them. As always, let us know if you've come across any new products or resources you think we might be interested in!


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