Frey-Day Wrap-up for 6/23/17

Frey-Day Wrap-Up

Happy Frey-Day!

This week’s been a slow week in the Frey household. (Except Melissa finally finishing up the final edits on her book! Now starts the road to self-publishing!) So instead of the usual Frey-day Favorites list, we decided to go another direction. (We’ll keep it short, we promise.)

Today we’re going to talk about what we’re thankful for. The everyday so-called “slow” weeks included. The fact that we’re happy and that we woke up this morning. The fact that we are able to make other people smile. The fact that we’re able to spend every evening together. The fact that our families are close and filled with love.

For parents. For siblings. For nieces and nephews. For sunshine and warm weather, for rainy days, for cloudy days, for the days when it’s a little chillier, but that means we can have the windows open.

For our health, for the ability to think and reason, for life itself.

So I’m grateful for our slow week. For the everyday. Because the everyday, the in-betweens, are what make life worth living.

Gratitude can be found everywhere. If we’ll only remember to look.

What can you be thankful for today? We always love to hear from you, so be sure to post in the comments below! Have a great weekend!