Eating Less Won't Make You Weigh Less (Unless You're Starving Yourself!)

Eating Less Won't Make You Weigh Less Unless You're Starving Yourself

We've been seeing a trend going around lately. (Actually, it's been going on since people – especially women – have wanted to lose weight. So basically forever.) The trend is this: eat less to weigh less. Sounds simple right? So simple that it should work??

But then it doesn't.

Sometimes simple doesn't really work. Sometimes simple leaves out the most critical details. Sometimes you need something a little less simple. Oh, how we wish we could just keep it simple in such a complicated world.

Okay, so here's something a little less simple, but it's something to live by, plan your meals around, and has the critical parts still intact:

Eat less BAD FOODS, eat more GOOD FOODS, and get moving to weigh less.

Three steps isn't too bad, is it?

1. Eat Less Bad Foods

Some of these you know, or may not know – refined flours, sugars, pastas, breads, soy – but some other foods can be just as bad for you and your individual body (like dairy, gluten, nightshades, nuts and seeds, legumes, etc.). This is why an elimination diet like the Whole30 is so helpful to discover what foods are bad for you. Then you can eat less of those bad foods!

2. Eat More Good Foods

This is not just about making sure you eat your vegetables. It's also about food quality, the right foods for you (again, based on what your individual body needs), and portions. Portions? YES. Pile them on! We mean it! When you're eating vegetables, meats, and healthy fats, your body will naturally tell you when it's full so you won't overeat. A Whole30 detox helps you start to recognize those signals again – yet another reason to start there! (Side note: if you're eating the good foods, PLEASE eat them, and eat enough of them. Too often we see healthy and Whole30 meals online that are dreadfully small. Don't be afraid of the right foods!)

3. Get Moving

You know this one. But did you also know that all movements aren't right for everyone? Maybe you're not a runner. Or you have energy deficits and extreme cardio taxes your body too much. Or maybe you are so stressed that movement just means some yoga for now. THAT'S OKAY. Allow yourself to find the activities you enjoy, then make time for them. You'll be glad you did.

Time to apply what you've learned! What practical steps can you take to Eat Less, Eat More, and Get Moving this week?

If you're interested in finding out more about the Whole30 program, we highly recommend reading IT STARTS WITH FOOD or THE WHOLE30: THE 30-DAY GUIDE TO TOTAL HEALTH AND FOOD FREEDOM.


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