Introduction to Whole30 Reintroductions


Hello, Everyone! We've reached the 2/3 point of our #SeptemberWhole30! Hopefully, by this point, you're starting to feel some of the amazing benefits Whole30 can bring. But if not, don't give up! It's a process, and the timeline is different for everyone.

Since we're 10 days away from the finish line (or should we say the starting line?), it's time to talk about REINTRODUCTIONS.

What are reintroductions?

The creators of Whole30, Melissa Hartwig and Dallas Hartwig, realized that the benefits of Whole30 were enormous, but that no one can (or should) stay on the Whole30 plan for the rest of their lives. A lofty goal, to be sure, but largely impossible - and who wants to give up so many things forever? So they came up with a systematic, science-y (their word) method to add foods back into a person's diet.

Side note: Whole30 is an elimination diet, which means that at some point you need to add back the foods you eliminated to discover what works and doesn't work for you. That's how the program is designed to work!

The main point of doing the reintroductions in such a systematic way is so you can easily and accurately evaluate the effects off-plan foods have on your health and well-being. There were so many things both Andrew and I never realized we had such a severe sensitivity to until we went through our reintroductions! For me, I went through a lengthy (but ultimately absolutely necessary) process of determining which foods made me healthier and which were harming me or causing flare-ups of my symptoms! I discovered nightshades were one of the worst things I can eat - even black pepper, which I discovered a mild allergy to! - and onions don't like me much either. Also, I have to limit certain things like nuts, coffee, and chocolate for my body to function optimally. (WHHHYYY?????)

We'll get into the basics of reintroductions in our next post, but we wanted to get you all thinking about it and how you'll handle it. And if you think 30 days just isn't enough, feel free to extend your Whole30! We'll talk more about that in another post, too.

Are you nervous about our 30 days coming to an end? That's perfectly normal, by the way. Embrace the process, extend if you want to, and keep learning how to listen to your body! It's probably already thanking you. :)

PS - You may want to start reading up on the Whole30 concept of FOOD FREEDOM FOREVER and what that look likes post-Whole30!


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