Simple Swaps #2 - Dump Whole Grain Pasta and Try These Veggie "Noodles" Instead

Simple Swaps #2 - Dump Whole Grain Pasta and Try These Veggie "Noodles" Instead

For our second installment of the Simple Swaps series, we wanted to give you an easy swap for something you quite possibly eat every day, but that isn't doing your health any favors: PASTA. More specifically, spaghetti.

BAD: Pasta Noodles (Spaghetti, etc.)

First of all, the supposed "goodness" of whole grains is a myth. Without getting into all the science-y stuff, grains are hard for the human body to digest, especially grains that are grown, harvested, and manufactured like they are in our modern world. You really aren't doing your body any favors by consuming something that's actually harmful to your digestive system. Gluten-free pasta isn't much better; the grains used are usually of low quality.

In addition, grains are treated like sugar in the body, promoting weight gain and the inability of your body to burn fat for fuel (called insulin resistance).

The good news is, though, that there is a better option.

GOOD: Spaghetti Squash

Who knew that nature had a built-in pasta? When you roast this beauty in the oven, the result is a pasta substitute that you can eat confidently, knowing that your body is being nourished instead of harmed.

Here's the best way we've found to cook it: Cut the squash in half crosswise and remove the seeds. Roast in a 400º oven until tender (about 45 minutes). Then just let it cool, scrape out the squash with a fork, and season! (Our favorite is coconut oil and sea salt, but olive oil would work too!) You can use this in place of any pasta, but it especially works well in place of spaghetti.

Or if you have an Instant Pot, you can cut your cooking time down to just seven minutes!

BONUS TIP: if you love that cheesy flavor but are trying to forgo dairy, try nutritional yeast! Just sprinkle it on spaghetti squash covered in your favorite tomato sauce (buy an organic one with Whole30 ingredients - Aldi has one we love!) and enjoy!


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