Whole30 Prep Plan - Step 2 of 5

FreyWellness September Whole30 Prep Plan Step 2

Now that you've done your research and figured out your why, it's time to get down to business. The next few steps will help you take action!

Step #2 - Clear Out the Bad Food

As you're no doubt aware, the Whole30 is a whole foods, grain-free diet, and many of the common foods we're used to eating are out for the 30-day reset. But relax - it's only for 30 days! During the Whole30, you must eliminate all of the bad foods from your system that have been affecting your body negatively for years. After completing the Whole30, you'll actually see several areas of improvement in your health and understand how your food choices have been affecting you physically, psychologically, and emotionally!

When we feed our bodies with foods that are less than optimal, our bodies have to work overtime just to perform their normal functions. As a result, our bodies lose the ability to keep diseases at bay and will eventually develop chronic illnesses and health issues. The foods we eat determines how well our bodies function; why not nourish it with healthy whole foods that promote optimal wellness?

So here's the plan: for the next few days leading up to your Whole 30, work on getting the bad foods out of your house. We mean it - everything bad goes (or gets buried in a dark corner). Check ingredients on every single thing (Here are the Whole30 program rules (in a printable PDF) to tell you what to get rid of), and if you're not sure about an ingredient, this page can help.

If you have some things you just can't throw away, go ahead and save them! We've found it helpful to put all the bad things in a box or on a hidden shelf and forget about them. Seriously - for our first Whole30, I put a towel over the "bad foods" shelf for 30 days.

But if you can, work on clearing the bad foods out of the house completely. Eat it up (but don't binge - that's not healthy at all!), give it away, or have a dinner party with friends and have them help you eat it! You never know - you may love how you feel after 30 days so much that the bad foods just won't seem tempting anymore.

So how's your planning coming? Have you started clearing out your cupboard and pantry yet?


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