This Week's Aldi Haul

This week we went to Aldi. And, characteristically, we found some great stuff! Aldi is always coming out with new and better things, and you never know what those things will be! For a foodie like myself, it can sometimes feel like Christmas going in there. #wanttobuyallthethings

This Week's Aldi Haul - FreyWellness

We bought a lot of veggies at Meijer (our local grocery store that has a surprisingly good selection of healthy food products - I highly recommend them if you live in the Upper Midwest!) this past week so we didn't need many veggies, but things of note in the veggie category are:

CAULIFLOWER - Aldi's usually the best place to buy cauliflower; most all their veggies are good! Their prices are excellent and their produce selection is ever-expanding. Plus their organic section keeps getting bigger and bigger!

ORGANIC SPINACH - I think we've talked about the Dirty Dozen before, and leafy greens are high on the list. Spinach is one of those that are the best organic - the quality can't be beaten. I love my spinach in omelets. Now someone just needs to sell it without the stems - that would be great.

BLUEBERRIES - So I would love to buy these organic, but the price for organic blueberries is usually double the conventionally grown variety. Plus at Aldi, the blueberries are super cheap! Given that my favorite fruit is probably one of the most expensive, I take cost savings where I can get it. Life can't always function optimally - something you just have to make things work for you.

Our other items:

COCONUT OIL - I can't rave enough about this coconut oil. It's the cheapest I've found anywhere (organic or otherwise, extra virgin or not, online or in store), it's organic and unrefined, and the fact that it's in a glass jar is pretty much the best thing ever. I usually keep a jar available to melt coconut oil, plus I put empty jars under my sink to drain fat into. These are probably the most sustainable thing I buy.

TILAPIA - I may get some crying about this, but again, sometimes cost has to win out. And these were on clearance (expired the next day), so they were so inexpensive I thought it would be worth it. Farmed, not the best, but we don't eat tilapia very often anyway.

GRASS-FED BEEF BURGERS - This was an amazing find: 1/3 pound burgers pre-made (in the freezer section), all ready for those nights when we just don't have the energy to put anything on the table. We paid for convenience, but with the savings on tilapia, we could afford to! Plus it worked out to be the same if not cheaper per pound than the ground grass fed beef. I'd call that a win.

ORGANIC KETCHUP - Except a little sugar, this ketchup checks all the Paleo boxes! I don't eat tomatoes, but Andrew does, so we'll see what he thinks.

PROSCIUTTO - Another must-buy at Aldi. Prosciutto is a wonderful Paleo meat that is so versatile, you could probably eat it with every meal if you loved it that much. I really don't, but I do like it in my omelets, or in brussels sprouts with maple syrup (or without the maple if you're rocking a Whole30). It's a Whole30-friendly meat that can actually be eaten right out of the package if you're so inclined. (If you can stand the texture. I cannot.)

ORGANIC APPLE WALNUT GRANOLA (non-Paleo) - Clearly, there are some grains in this one. But sometimes you just need a little something to get you through the day, and sometimes a bowl of cereal hits the spot. Again, not Whole30, not Paleo, but it's part of our post-Whole30 food freedom plan. Off and on. (Plus organic wheat can be tolerated better than conventional wheat, so we try to make any grains we eat organic, especially wheat.)

GOAT CHEESE - I discovered goat cheese about a year or so ago and have never looked back. (Except on those Whole30s where I cry for my goat cheese.) These are so tasty, easy to use, and amazing in omelets. I think I may have purchased almost all of my omelet ingredients today. Weird... (Caveat: a lot of people can tolerate goat products when cow products are problematic. Some people, however, can't tolerate any dairy at all. That's why an elimination diet like the Whole30 is so helpful - you learn what your body can handle! I found I can tolerate dairy pretty well as long as I don't go too crazy.)

ORGANIC DRESSINGS (Pomegranate and Apple Cider Dressings) - We've not tried these before, but we're always looking for new dressings to try, and these were Whole30. I couldn't believe it! I almost did a happy dance right in the aisle. (That would've been awkward.) The jury's still out on the taste, but we're excited to try them!

The price tag was a little hefty today due to the multiple coconut oils and the grass-fed burgers, but I take comfort in the fact that it would've been much more expensive anywhere else.

Do you shop at Aldi? Where do you find the best healthy food deals? Let us know in the comments below!


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