Frey-Day Wrap-up!

Starting today, we'll be posting our "Frey-Day Favorites" (see what we did there!) each and every week just to give you a small glimpse into our lives. Things that happened this week, books we're reading, the music we're loving, just about anything going on that we think is interesting!

So here we go with our very first Frey-Day Favorites list:

- First Sunday off in a LONG time: You may or may not know that we have been on staff at a church for the last couple years as Worship Leaders. Andrew recently resigned his FT position there to pursue other things, and this was our first Sunday off in a very long time. We took a true Sabbath day and slept in, stopped in at an open house, took a drive, ran a couple errands, and got coffee. It was wonderful!

- FreyWriter: One of the things Andrew is currently focusing on is writing and blogging about life in his forties. You should definitely go check it out and sign-up for email updates -

- Supernatural 200th Episode: Speaking of blogging and writing, did you know Melissa has an author website? She has written a fiction novel and hopes to publish it later this fall. Go check out her recent review of the 200th episode of the CW show Supernatural (one of our favorites!) on and sign-up for email updates while you're there.

- Receptionist: Another thing you may not know is that Melissa works for a senior assisted living facility. She was able to hire a new receptionist this week and start training her. She's been juggling the responsibilities of several people for a while now, so it's nice to finally have some help. Hopefully, this means she'll have some extra time and be able to get home a little earlier during the week!

- Still Alice: For her job, Melissa is taking a class on leadership in senior assisted living facilities. One of the books given as required reading for the class is "Still Alice" by Lisa Genova. This book is an incredibly moving portrayal of the effects of Alzheimer's on the person with the disease. There is also a movie based on the book, which we hope to watch soon. We have both seen first-hand the effects of this disease on family members and it is truly heartbreaking. For more information on Alzheimer's disease and how you can help, please visit their website

- Butcher Box: We recently signed-up for a grass-fed meat delivery service called ButcherBox and have been extremely happy with the quality of their products. You're able to customize what you receive and how often it's delivered. By default, it's a monthly service, but we've opted to receive a shipment every other month. We would definitely recommend giving it a try, especially if you're not able to easily and affordably purchase high-quality grass fed meat.

- Downsizing and Decluttering: Ok. Who else besides us struggles with having WAY too much stuff taking up space and not being used? We've recently been inspired by the concept of minimalism and are taking steps to downsize, sell off, and get rid of extra stuff we don't need. Andrew recently wrote a blog post about our journey.

- Dumped Hulu: About 3 years ago we got rid of cable television. We wanted to save some money and reduce the amount of time we spent in front of the TV. We signed up for Hulu and Netflix and thought everything would be great! It has been great (and we would recommend dumping cable to most everyone!) but we still found ourselves tied to Hulu, trying to watch all our current episodes before they were deleted. This week we decided to take control of our TV viewing and dumped Hulu. And it feels good!

- New Book from Jeff Goins: Our friend Jeff Goins released a new book this week entitled, "Real Artist Don't Starve" and it's already climbing the ranks on several bestseller lists. For us, embracing our creativity has always been a struggle, so we can't wait to dig into this book and see what Jeff has to say about it! (Rumor has it that we might be doing a giveaway with this book, so sign-up for email updates and stay tuned!)

- MacBook Air: We were able to upgrade Melissa's laptop a couple weeks ago to a brand new MacBook Air only to have it crap out on us this week (ugh!). That required a trip to the Apple Store in Somerset (i.e. Andrew's toy store) to get it checked out. Of course in typical Apple fashion, our tech was awesome and got everything back to working order in not time at all. Thank you, Apple!

So there you have it. A quick glimpse into our lives and the things we are loving at the moment. Let us know in the comments what's going on in your life or maybe a product or service that you're really loving right now! We would love to hear from you. Have a great weekend!

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