The Contradiction of the Present

Why do we avoid short-term pain for long-term gain? Why do we always default to the easy with negative consequences rather than doing the smart, often uncomfortable, hard thing?

Why do we delay the inevitable? Why do we spend our time so haphazardly when we inherently know our time on earth is precious and oh so short?

Why do we have dessert for breakfast, and insist on dessert after lunch and dinner? Why do we fully intend to start our diet tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes? Why can’t we seem to break the chains of the “present”?

I think to be present is to be fully human: living in the here and now, taking each moment as it comes, breathing in the truth of the present. Living with intention: always honoring the past and keeping the future in mind, while still basking in the miracles happening in the present, in the right now.

To enjoy everything you’ve been given, to live in a constant state of thanks, is what makes life worth living.

So reach out and grab the now. Hold those you love close and tell them how much you love them - even better, show them; make goals and plans, take steps to attain them, but never forget to stop and realize how beautiful the journey can be; make five-course meals and savor every bite, then eat a healthy sensible meal the next day...and always be thankful.

For the gift that is the present.