Do You Know What Your Body is Saying to You?

Do You Know What Your Body is Saying to You

It a long-lost art - one that the ancients started to understand, but one that our modern understanding barely scratches the surface. Why can't we seem to listen to what our bodies are telling us?

Our bodies are incredibly designed, intricately woven together by a plethora of awe-inspiring processes even the best minds throughout history haven't been able to fully comprehend. We feel pain and other physical phenomena, but also feel emotions and other intangible sensations. When you really think about it, we are so complex that the fact our bodies work as well as they do is nothing short of truly amazing! Just the fact that your eye can see data, your brain can interpret it, and your mind can instantaneously make a decision all before you can even take your next breath is pretty astounding!

But the hazards of modern life have inadvertently taught us to quiet the signals our bodies are giving us. We have headaches, and instead of trying to find the reason for them, we pop a few painkillers. We have a stomachache and immediately reach for a pink, chalky drink to wash down. We start to feel really warm in the sun, but instead of going inside or finding shade for a little bit, we put on sunscreen (that damages our health) and stay in the sun for much too long. People are always searching for a way to create a better life for themselves and those who will come after - and they should! - but in the process, we've lost some of the signals that God put in place to help us.

Pain is a signal to our bodies that something is wrong. For centuries, humans lived without the benefit of modern painkillers. Yes, those painkillers can be life-saving, but for most the underlying issue needs to be discovered and treated, negating the need for the pills in the first place. Or a stomachache? That's your body telling you something you ate wasn't good for you, or you ate too much of it. Learning from those stomachaches - instead of masking them with the pink stuff - can be the key to getting our bodies functioning properly as they should. And the sunscreen? We need the sun, undoubtedly, but the sunscreen prevents us from getting the sun we need - and may actually be harmful to your health, even causing skin cancer!

The best way to start learning to listen to your body is an elimination diet. We love the Whole30! We really learned to listen to our bodies through that process, and now we know which foods are bothering us and which we can safely and comfortably eat! Another good way to start listening to your body is to find a reputable chiropractor. A good chiropractor will teach you how the aches and pains in your body are all related, and help get you on the path the reduced pain and total body wellness.

Be bold in your health journey, and never give up! An investment in your health is the most important investment you'll ever make!


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