Frey-Day Wrap-up for 6/16/17

HAPPY FRIDAY! Congratulations on making it through another week. Life can get crazy and sometimes it's all we can do just to make it to Friday! We're still adjusting to the new "normal" of Melissa heading out each morning to her 9-5 (and lately, longer...) and Andrew being a stay-at-home husband.

So here we go with another edition of Frey-Day Favorites:

- Sunday: Last Sunday we were able to attend church with Andrew's sister and her husband, who happens to be the worship leader. It was a refreshing experience to be on the congregational side for a change. This coming Sunday is Father's Day (don't forget your Dad!) so we'll be with family again.

- The Secret of the Codex: Melissa has had a crazy week at her day job, but she still managed to get some editing done! She's only a few short pages away from finishing her final edits on her first novel! It's the story of 4 soon-to-be-friends that discover an ancient secret hidden in the Belize rainforest and beyond. Ruthless mercenaries, buried treasures, cryptic clues - all leading to one supernatural discovery that promises to change their lives forever. Check out some excerpts on her blog! And be sure to sign-up for email updates while you're there. That way you can be the first to hear publishing announcements and some surprises in the works!

- FreyWriter: Be sure to check out Andrew's latest blog post over on Do you ever regret lost dreams and missed opportunities? Go read "Did I Miss My Calling" and read his thoughts.

- Better By The Bite: Melissa came across a great article this week that's worth sharing. It's entitled "Re-Framing What We Give Up For Our Health" and addresses the idea that we have to give something up in order to be happy or healthy. It's not about giving up, but rather making the changes necessary to promote better health. Give it a read and let us know what you think in the comments below. 

- Comic Books: The great purge of 2017 continues this week at home. For the past couple days, Andrew has been sorting and organizing his massive comic book collection. Mostly Marvel, DC, and Image comics. It's been really fun to find the random gems that have been forgotten, not to mention the autographed issues from several conventions over the years! The sorting is even better with a 90s Alt Rock playlist cranked in the background!

- eBay: We continue to list a variety of items over on eBay so take a look. Our stuff may include that one item you just can't live without! LOL

- RXBARs: Today, Melissa had a big event at her job, so she grabbed her go-to breakfast-on-the-go this morning - an RXBAR with carrot sticks! If you get a chance, check out RXBARs - seriously they're so good. Especially Chocolate Sea Salt. Plus, we love that they are a healthy whole food option for meal replacement - and most flavors are Whole30 compliant!

There you have it. Another glimpse into our lives and the things we are loving at the moment.

So what are you plans for Father's Day? Did you collect comic books? What were some of your favorites? Did anything exciting happen in your life this week? Is there a product or service that you're really loving right now? We would love to hear from you, so be sure to post in the comments below! Have a great weekend, friends!

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